How is it free?

We use the RHI payments to get back the cost of supplying, installing and maintaining your boiler

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

A Shade Greener make use of the the Renewable Heat Incentive, a Government backed scheme which rewards the use of renewable heating alternatives - in our case, the wood pellet boilers we install. Over time these payments cover the costs of supplying, installing and maintaining your free boiler. In order to be eligible for a free boiler, homeowners may be required to make a £100 contribution towards the cost of installation. However, for a limited time, A Shade Greener are giving away £250 of free fuel with our wood pellet boilers to compensate for this.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is the world’s first long term government backed scheme that rewards boiler owners for using renewable heating alternatives rather than fossil fuels. Ofgem pays for every kWh of heat generated by renewable fuel sources such as wood pellets.

What is Renewable Heat?

Renewable heat refers to heat generated using a renewable and sustainable fuel. Wood pellets are derived from purpose grown sustainable wood and eligible waste streams, such as sawdust from wood manufacturing.

So, because we install a boiler which uses renewable fuel in the form of wood pellets, every boiler we install is eligible for RHI payments.

RHI payments then allow us to pay back the initial cost of the boiler plus the warranty/maintenance agreement for 7 years.