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Save on more than just cost of fuel. With our offer we provide free annual services and full parts and labour warranty, cutting every cost to owning a boiler.

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With us you save more than just cost of fuel. With our offer we provide free annual services, a full parts and labour warranty cutting every cost to owning a boiler.

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It’s simple to get a personal estimate of how much you could save by switching your boiler. Just enter your current fuel costs and we'll show you how much you could save.

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  • 7 year warranty FREE
  • Annual servicing FREE
  • Wood pellets



Note: These calculations are just rough estimates around what you may save with our boiler and are not guaranteed savings. A more accurate savings report will be generated by our advisors.

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Save on everything

  • No boiler cost

    The Wood Pellet Boiler is the latest in high efficiency renewable heating design. The boiler uses highly efficient wood pellets and contains a vacuum powered self-feeding system which is intelligently designed to supply the boiler with just the right amount of fuel, saving you more money.

  • Fuel

    Wood pellets are derived from renewable, sustainable forests throughout the UK and are one of the only fuel sources that can be grown as demand increases. The pellets are not subject to the high inflation of traditional fuels such as kerosene, heating oil or LPG.

  • Maintenance

    Once your boiler is installed we'll begin our full boiler protection and servicing package with you. It's important to us that your boiler is always running at optimum performance, so we perform an annual service to ensure you get maximum efficiency.

  • Annual Service

    From the first anniversary of your boiler onwards, we'll perform a regular annual service for 7 years to make sure everything is running smoothly.