Innovative, wood-pellet boiler

Free from A Shade Greener

The Wood Pellet Boiler is the latest in high efficiency renewable heating design. The boiler uses highly efficient wood pellets and contains a vacuum powered self-feeding system which is intelligently designed to supply the boiler with just the right amount of fuel, saving you more money.

Automatic feeding

The boiler features an automatic fuel feed system which vacuums the pellets from the fuel store into the boiler as they are needed. The internal self-cleaning unit keeps the combustion chamber clean and tidy.

Compact in size

The wood pellet boiler is very compact in size. It also feature a control system; a large and easy to use touch LCD display, enabling you to take full control of your heating system with ease.


Ash Disposal

The boiler contains an integrated ash collection unit. Due to the high efficiency design of the boiler, almost the entire wood pellet is burnt during combustion, so it leaves very little ash residue. A typical household may have to empty the ash deposit every 1 to 2 weeks. The ash container is located in the base of the boiler unit.


Wood pellet ash can be used for a number of helpful things including helping vegetables grow, removing limescale and even cleaning silverware.

Carbon Neutral

When the wood pellets burn they emit a very small amount of CO2 during their combustion inside the boiler, this makes the boiler run carbon neutral. The same amount of CO2 is often absorbed by trees during their growth.